Clemency Cooke and Charlotte Jarvis

Clemency Cooke and Charlotte Jarvis have been working together for several years, notably as members of the Mantilla Foundation and through the collaborative work, Concept Cakes. Their individual works exhibited at Big Shed include Bolloks 2008! by Jarvis and A Pilgrim's Progress by Cooke.


The ‘Bollocks’ 2008 Calendar is designed to make you laugh, (or snigger); it is a satire of the attitudes portrayed by men’s magazines and the tabloids towards women. The calendar attempts to make explicit, to literally spell out in huge candy colours, the manner in which women are framed by these publications and open such imagery up to public criticism, or at the very least consideration.

A Pilgrim's Progress:

In the summer of 2006 Cooke and two friends set out to find (if they could) three of the most famous examples of American Land Art; Double Negative by Michael Heizer (1969), Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson(1970) and the Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt (1979). Upon return footage taken of the trip was used to fabricate a documentary. In editing the entire expedition was documented, omitting neither the joys of Las Vegas nor conversations with locals. This film is testament to the absence of the work as opposed to its existence; to the eroded actuality of Double Negative and the semi- submersion of Spiral Jetty. It is a film less about Land Art than about the journey which defines it.